Toilet Assistant

Our product Toilet Assistant is the mobile and fast mount/unmount solution,
which could be easily installed over the existing toilet facilities.
About Us


Body Health Technologies LLC is the young start-up working in the area of assisting equipment for the elderly and temporary or permanently disabled people. It is not a secret, that people with limited movement abilities have issues with the daily routines like using the toilet. Our product, Toilet Assistant provides the option to assist people in need onto the toilet seat, by helping them elevate and sit on the toilet through an automated remote controlled toilet seat called Toilet Assistant. The Toilet Assistant can be useful for people during rehabilitation after a stroke or during leg immobilization, after breaking a leg. The Toilet Assistant could also be used for helping elderly people who have Parkinson desease and similar health problems., also giving back the dignity to be self-sufficient in going to the toilet avoiding embarrassing moments with loved ones or curators.

Toilet Assistant can be adjusted for the comfortable usage by maximal lifting and tilting level. It lifts the seat up to the standing position of the human body and then smoothly moves the user down. Later the system lifts user back to the standing position, this all automated and remote controlled. Another major benefit of the Toilet Assistant is that it is foldable and portable, easy to install allowing for it to be transportable easily from your home to a vacation home or travel location. This makes it comfortable for the user to be able to travel and see friends and loved ones maintain the dignity to be able to use the toilet autonomously. So if you have a beach house or a vacation home or like to travel, you can easily take the Toilet assistant with you.
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Technical data

Rectangular foldable base made of strong metal able to carry up to 200 kg in weight

Lifting/sitting mechanism

Remote control operated

Portable and easy to travel with

Easy to install and store

Key features

Light weight

The Toilet Assistant product is built using modern technologies and materials. It weighs just 20kg and can be installed by one person. But it does not mean the construction is weak. It can carry people with the weight up to 200 kg and has stable mounting points to prevent falling on the side. The system is safe and tested using different methods.


Another key feature of the Toilet Assistant is mobility. It has a folding portable design and has a case for transportation with wheels. The Toilet Assistant in the transportation case could be easily placed into the trunk of a small car, so you can bring the Toilet Assistant with you on a trip and continue to use it even outside of your home.

Use cases

Elderly people

It is not a secret, that elderly people have mobility and coordination issues. Parkinson disease, dementia, Alzheimer decease cause many issues for the daily routines. Also lack of mobility caused by weakness of the leg's muscles. People may have problems to sit accurately on the toilet and not lose their equilibrium, risking falling down on the side and they also have issues to stand up after. All these factors can be solved using the Toilet Assistant. It helps to smoothly sit and stand up even with weak leg's muscles.

Stroke patients

The paralysis of the legs or legs and arms is often a result of stroke. Also hemorrhagic cerebral stroke restricts any muscle tension during the rehabilitation period. The Toilet Assistant helps to resolve daily toilet routine for the stroke patients and improve the quality of life during the most complicated period, with dignity. Stable frame and bottom basis of the Toilet Assistant helps people to speed up adaptation to the situation when one leg is more functional then another and preventing the falling down, during sitting and standing up process.

Broken leg

Even younger people can fall into the unexpected problems with daily mobility routines due the broken and immobilized leg. Especially if the toilet room has no handles on the walls. Daily sitting and standing process on one leg causes risk to fall down and affect the healing process of the damaged leg. Using of the Toilet Assistant during the damaged leg recovery period resolves these issues. The Toilet Assistant is easy to mount and unmount. The Toilet Assistant can be proposed by our partners in a renting of the Toilet Assistant for the recovery period. It is a cheap and efficient solution.

For partners

The Toilet Assistant is a our Patented technology and we are looking for long term relations with big distributors, wholesale, resellers, rental companies, homes for the elderly, hotels, hospitals, orthopedics outlets, etc.


It you are working in the area of sanitary/healthcare equipment and have a sales network, you are our perfect partner! Depending on annual amount of sales we can propose you an attractive price to make this a great business opportunity that will improve the quality of life of the consumers.

Homes for the Elderly

If you are provider of special facilities for the elderly, pay attention to the Toilet Assistant. It can help your personnel to avoid hard physical efforts helping the people to sit and stand up while using the toilet. Using the Toilet Assistant also decreases the time your personnel spend in daily routines assisting your patients in using the toilet, and at the same time giving dignity to the user by avoiding embarrassing situations by lack of privacy in this intimate time of using the toilet.


In hospitals the Toilet Assistant can be used in the stroke, gerontology and trauma units, to increase efficiency of the support personnel and decrease physical efforts especially in case of the overweight patients.


The advantage for hotels to use the Toilet Assistant, is to have the flexibility to be able to offer any type of room to a client in need with the possibility to have the Toilet Assistant installed in minutes. This allows the hotel to cater to a client in need of the Toilet Assistant, allowing them at the same time to choose the category of room as per the client’s preference.

Financial options

We can recommend our partners 2 different financial models to offer their customers the Toilet Assistant usage:
standard purchase and leasing.

Purchase of the Toilet Assistant is the best option for the facility companies and people with permanent mobility issues. If you expect to use the Toilet Assistant for a 1 year or longer, our prices are competitive especially for such important know-how we used in the product.

Leasing Via our Partners

If you need the to use the Toilet Assistant on a temporary basis, for example if you have a leg trauma or you are expecting the visit of an elder or handicapped guest in your house, we can recommend you the lease model. In this case you are paying only for the time of usage. If you really like the Toilet Assistant and would like to keep it, you can pay the difference of the remaining costs after the leasing period and keep the device.